His name is Linas Vaitonis. He was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Currently based in Madrid, Spain. This is a great thing, because he
tries not to make his work very culturally specific. He certainly doesn't have the classical art school background because technically
he is an ecologist. Since Linas got his Master's degree in Vilnius
University, he has been working with various environmental projects,
nature sciences laboratories and ecology consulting companies. Moreover, he
worked as an editor for several years right after he had graduated from high school.

When I started to shoot, I took pictures literally of everything. Then
over a few years, I figured out that I really like the beauty of a human
body, nature, action and mystery. I find myself constantly returning to
these themes. I’m just so fascinated by the body and I’m striving to create
a feeling that there is something yet to be revealed to come through
in my work.
The true object of all human life is playing. And this is my playground. It has
just happened that this playground is located in the woods with naked
youth fooling around.

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