Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu

Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu

“We should wake up every day striving to create something new, or else we should give up on making art”, – says Andreea Mandrescu, a London-based designer specializing in textile, material and surface design with various applications. Mandrescu’s textile collections are an exploration of different materials that include faux fur, rubber, leather and veneer on a variety of base fabrics. The fabrics are versatile, made to fit pattern garments for fashion designs and for being wrapped around the body as accessories. By accident, I found her work on Pinterest, and dived deep into it.

Text: Lina Stonkutė
Photo: Andreea Mandrescu

Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu

Andreea, what is the main idea or philosophy behind your designs?

My aim as a designer is to challenge, change, combine and break boundaries of existing processes, materials and categories to create new versatile surfaces that will surprise and intrigue our senses and perceptions.


Tell me more about your background.

 Originally from Romania, I moved to Israel with my family when I was fifteen. I graduated from the Haifa University in Fine Arts and English Literature, and continued there with an MA in Fine Arts. Although art played a continuous role in my life, I decided to direct my knowledge toward my passion, which was design. Hence, I moved to London and got an MA in Textile Futures at the Central Saint Martins College in 2011.
Describe your designs to me. What do you create and for what purpose?

My designs are an exploration of materials that are applicable for fashion, accessories, and interiors. I take two-dimensional designs and translate them into mixed media three- dimensional designs using mixed media materials. The process is mainly handmade. I am a very curious and creative person. I like to reinvent and combine techniques and materials, and create new textiles and surface designs.

Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu
Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood experiences about body?

I have always been fascinated by tattoos and body art. Actually, it was the basis for my graduation project in textiles. The idea was to create body art or augment the body by making three-dimensional designs that look as if it is part of the skin or a continuation of it.


Do you find your work fleshly?

One of the materials that I use often in my work is rubber. It is flexible and it has the capacity to mold around the body. It is therefore interesting and intriguing being able to create accessories that look as though they are part of the body.

What’s your favorite part of the body?

Probably the neck and the face, because I am able to create more intricate designs for these areas.


Define body as you see it.

An exterior of ourselves that can hint at who we are by adorning it in different creative ways.


What do body extensions mean to you? Do you think it is a way for people to express themselves?

It is a fascinating tool. You can choose to either show or not give away your personality. I believe that people express themselves through it regardless of how much importance they give to their outer appearance, and that is valid for both the very fashionable and creative people, as well as the less fashion-conscious ones.

Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu
Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu
Tactile Art by Andreea Mandrescu

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