Sara Lorusso is a 21 years old photographer based in Bologna where she creates mainly analogue images that are inspired by her love for live, especially daily things like waking up, kissing her boyfriend, through photography.

Each woman according to my point of view should feel free to show her sexuality without fear of being misjudged. This is why I decided to start this photographic project, to show my idea of sex, which is not to be confused with pornography, not necessarily when we speak about sexuality we must think of dirty pictures and thrusts. Indeed my photographs are a metaphor, as if we were carrying in a parallel reality, in an idyllic world made of flowers, fruits and good things. The project took everything with an analog camera and the subjects are young girls who share my idea.

Our body is a work of art, made of curves, mountains and colors and I think it must be shown without filters.

Kviečiame tapti žurnalo bendraautoriumi ir pildyti jį savo turiniu. Jeigu esi fotografas ir nori parodyti savo darbus – parašyk mums!